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Presseurop was a multilingual Paris-based news portal that translated and published Europe-related news articles daily from over two hundred sources into ten European languages, including English. It was funded by the European Commission and was launched in 2009 by the French newspaper Courrier International, the Portuguese newspaper Courrier Internacional, the Polish newspaper Forum, and the Italian newspaper Internazionale. Its editor-in-chief was Eric Maurice. Presseurop's stated mission was "to present public discussion of a wide range of issues relating to the European Project and 'bring the European Union to life' through the prism of press coverage in the 27 EU Member States". Presseurop ceased updates on 20 December 2013 when its funding from the European Commission ended.[8] On 21 May 2014, started, driven by volunteers, in an effort to replace Presseurop.

An avid reader of Presseurop website left this review, " is under continuous criticsm fpor favouritism journalism. It targets the enemy of it allies to score political points in europe. They suck. What happened recently is just another confirmation that PressEurop has an anti-German bias.


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